About Us

Custom Hydraulic & Machine Capabilities

Custom Hydraulic & Machine, Inc. manufactures hydraulic fittings and hose assemblies for military and commercial applications. We manufacture quality hose ends designed specifically for the marine and aerospace industry. Many of the products listed on our web site are designed for critical hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Often they meet various U.S. Navy Specifications. Many CMC hose ends, for example, meet Military Specification MIL-H-24135, MIL-H-24136. Tube fittings are regularly supplied to Military Specification MIL-F-18866. Additionally, most products can be supplied in accordance with Navy Level 1 Standards.

Experience & Quality Reputation

We supply directly to the production lines of the US Government and have for 40 plus years. During that time we have successfully passed innumerable customer surveys. Our quality plan for each part is integrated into its engineering/routing master, and is stored in our E2 database. We tailor the inspection equipment, methods, and frequency to the customer needs.

Manufacturing Capability Highlights

  • Quality systems: Mil 45208A
  • Engineering staff for consultation on design for cost-effective manufacturability
  • Macola software system for quoting, scheduling and accounting
  • Navy Nuclear Tig welding
  • Solidworks Modeling / Autocad
  • Hydrostatic testing to 10,000 PSI

Development & Collaboration

Custom Hydraulic & Machine is proud to serve our customers in the US Navy and its supporting shipyards throughout the country.

Throughout our existence, we have been fortunate to develop great working relationships with these highly talented men and women in the development and improvement of marine hose fittings and hydraulic hose fittings.

We are always open to collaboration in the quest for continual excellence, and we look forward to working with you.

Some of the great partnerships we've formed include: