Our Products - Marine Hose End Fittings

Marine Hose End Fittings

Custom Hydraulic & Machine, Inc. manufactures quality Marine hose end fittings designed specifically for the marine industry. The hose end fittings on this page are suitable for pressures up to 5,000 pounds per square inch. The specific pressure rating is determined by the applicable military specification or S.A.E. rating. Standard hose end metals are monel, stainless steel, brass and naval bronze. All military specification hose ends, fit hoses of all manufacturers qualified by Navsea. Qualified Products Lists (QPL) are available from the U.S. Government printing office. S.A.E.

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Custom Hydraulic & Machine Qualifications

In everything that we do, Custom Hydraulic and Machine strives to consistently meet the highest standards our fighting men and women demand to accomplish their difficult missions. That’s why we're proud of our Quality Systems capabilities that include:

  • Quality systems: Mil 45208A and ISO 9001/2000 compliant
  • Engineering staff for consultation on design for cost-effective manufacturability
  • Navy Nuclear Tig welding
  • Pro Engineer solid modeling / Autocad
  • Hydrostatic testing to 10,000 PSI
  • Engineering using Pro/E and CMM

Our Cage Code:

  • CAGE 53159