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Inner Support Sleves

Custom Hydraulics manufactures Inner support sleeves for use with hose end fittings used on U.S. Naval and Government ships. An Inner support sleeve is designed to provide rigid support on hoses used with hydraulic fittings. This page provides detailed instructions for installation of CMC inner support sleeves.

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  1. Cut hose to desired length and remove any rubber dust.
  2. Measure both hose and nipple lengths and add 5/8 inch. Subtract the resultant length from the cut hose length. This equals the total length of support sleeves required.
  3. After determining the total length of sleeves required it may be necessary to cut one or two sleeves to create the exact length. Follow these guidelines if cutting is required.
    • Sleeves should contain no less than two (2) bronze rings.
    • Cut only between the ribs in the "stenciled" area.
    • Clean the rubber dust and particles from each support sleeve.
  4. Install the first hose fitting on one end of the hose.
  5. Install each sleeve into the hose. If three or more sleeves are required, install the shortest sections in the middle.
  6. To verify that all cuts and computations are correct, a tolerance check is recommended. This can be done by measuring the distance from the end of the inner support sleeve(s) to the end of the hose. This distance should equal the length of the (uninstalled) hose nipple plus 1/4" to plus 1".
  7. Install the second hose end fitting.

  1. Temperature range -40 F to +200 F
  2. For lengths less than "A":
    • Cut only in stenciled area between ribs.
    • Minimum usable length must include 2 bronze rings.
  3. Material: Nickel Alum. Bronze rings with Buna-N Bonding.
  4. Fits full I.D. Hose (tolerances equal to MIL-H-24136/1).

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