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USS Commissioning Murtha

The USS John P. Murtha will be commissioned into service at a ceremony in Philadelphia on Saturday. It is the second major ship built for the Navy with local ties and a name to match.

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Global Employees Meet Challenge with Innovative Thinking

Our production department has been experiencing difficulty manufacturing ½” Inconel bonnets for some time. The dilemma involved the cladding that is welded onto the disc insert which, in turn, would cause the insert to pull down, reducing the necessary gap between the insert and the bonnet itself.

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NNS and Global Share Milestones

This year marks the 130th year of shipbuilding for Newport News. Collis P. Huntingdon, founded the shipyard with the intention of building and repairing steamships, vessels and boats in a place that he fell in love with in his youth, Newport News, Virginia. 

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